Arc Operating Board of Trustees
Chairperson Carolyn Hayer
First Vice Chairperson Pam Miller
Second Vice Chairperson Vacant
Chairman Finance Committee Cliff Pettinelli
Immediate Past Chairperson Elspeth Corrigan Moore
Emeritus Trustee Nicholas Gorab
Emeritus Trustee George Kramer
Emeritus Trustee Betty Hoehne
Emeritus Trustee Ralph Mastrangelo, Jr
Trustee At Large Thomas Curtin
Trustee At Large Mike Fornaci
Trustee At Large Sam Macri
Trustee At Large Cliff Pettinelli
Trustee At Large Thomas Simpson
Trustee At Large Miriam Weis
Trustee At Large Richard Schwartz
Trustee At Large Karen Blumenthal
Trustee at Large Mickey Singh
Trustee at Large Dawn Monaco
Arc Foundation Board
President Andy Gatto
Vice President AJ Khubani
Treasurer Catherine Pescatore
Secretary Kathy Walsh
Immediate Past President Betty Hoehne
Member At Large G. Thomas Croonquist
Member At Large Amit Datwani
Member At Large Nicholas Gorab
Member At Large Bill Hanson
Member At Large Ed Kaplan
Member At Large Ralph Mastrangelo, Jr.
Member At Large James Seath
Member At Large Mary Kay Stratis

Leadership Team

President & CEO Kathy Walsh Ext. 2239
Senior Vice President Alice Siegel Ext. 2248
Vice President/CFO Catherine Pescatore Ext. 2226
Director of Early Childhood Services Eleanor Ariemma (201) 644-0304
Director of Development Marianne Balazs Ext. 2225
Director of Vocational Services Anne Gallucci (201) 489-0094
Director of Community Residential Services Laura Gursky Ext. 2249
Director of Adult Day Services Ometa Pope Ext.2246
Director of Family Support Services Olga Podolsky Ext. 2258
Director of Human Resources Maureen Toth Ext. 2234
Director of Finance/Controller Ilhan Yildirim Ext. 2227
Director of Recreation David Wunsch
Director of Support Services Diedre O'Reilly